SPBTS Foundation

Who We Are

The St. Paul’s by-the-Sea Foundation, incorporated in 1990, exists for the advancement of the religious, educational, and charitable activities of the church. It is the custodian of bequests and contributions made to the church and the Foundation. Funds held by the Foundation are designated as principal-restricted or unrestricted, according to the donors’ intentions. Restricted funds are invested and only the earnings are disbursed. Unrestricted funds have been donated for general use in accordance with Foundation bylaws or for specific designated purposes, such as scholarships and youth programs. The organization is governed by a twelve-member Board of Directors consisting of the St. Paul’s by-the-Sea Rector, two Vestry members, and nine at-large directors elected by parish members. (See below)

What We Do

The Foundation provides Beaches Episcopal School scholarship support to parish children and continuing education scholarships to the parish’s high school seniors. Its funds are available to support capital improvements for the benefit of the church and for extraordinary programs within the church. Grants from the Foundation have provided monetary support for Meals-on-Wheels, Mission House programs for the homeless, a Pablo Towers senior community music enrichment program, the Beaches Emergency Assistance Ministry, Dial-A-Ride vouchers for Pablo Towers residents, and Beaches Habitat for Humanity housing and educational programs.


An annual Night at the Alhambra dinner show and silent auction has become popular with parishioners and provides support for BES scholarships. The Foundation also sponsors the Tree of Life program, an endowment fund held in perpetuity to provide investment income for St. Paul’s by-the-Sea projects and programs, as well as community outreach.

How You Can Help

Consider giving a gift or making a bequest to the Tree of Life program, attending the Night at the Alhambra, or making a non-restricted contribution to support on-going Foundation programs. Or volunteer to serve on one of the Foundation committees: Funding, Grants, Investment, and Events. What each of us does may only seem like a drop in the bucket, but remember Frank Sinatra’s song about the ant and the rubber tree plant? We’ve got high hopes, too! If you have questions and/or if you want to become involved with the Foundation and its activities, please contact Wendy Wolfe, Chair

Foundation Board Members

  • The Rev. Louanne Loch – Rector
  • Dick Bell
  • Vickie Bloodworth
  • Mike Borno
  • Chip Cordes
  • Sandy Coston
  • Steve Cuffe
  • Alan Ennis
  • Tom Farmer
  • Dwin Ford - Bookkeeper
  • Diana Haramboure
  • Betsy Schifanella
  • Anne Simpson
  • Wendy Wolfe – Chair