Cold Night Shelter

cold night

St. Paul's by the Sea in coordination with other local churches provides overnight shelter and food for the beaches homeless population, on cold nights.

This program is coordinated by Mission House in Jacksonville Beach which provides day shelter, food, clothing and medical care to area homeless. The cold night shelter call is made a day ahead of time based on the available weather forecasts for the area. The SPBTS Storms Hall Shelter will only open as a result of a local temperature of 40°F (including wind chill), or 45°F with high chance of rain.

Partnering churches are contacted based on calendar availability, and, once agreed, the homeless population and local law enforcement are notified. The program has received widespread support. SPBTS will agree to open a shelter as long as volunteers are available to staff the various shifts. A hot meal (mainly chili) is provided for dinner, and a light breakfast in the morning.

Volunteers for all hours are needed! Preparation starts at 6pm the day of opening, and cleanup is completed at 7am the next morning. The shelter is staffed by at least two people from the church throughout its hours of operation. Staffing is increased for certain shifts eg. dinner and breakfast.

If interested in volunteering for this ministry, please contact the church office for the coordinator contact information.


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